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Working schedule: Monday - Fri.: 9 - 17, Sat. - Sun.: weekend

Checking the Condition of the Trailer Before Riding

Checking the Condition of the Trailer Before Riding

In this article, we will give you some tips on how to properly check the condition of the trailer before driving.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the condition of the trailer lock, the reliability of fixing the safety chains and cables.

To transport a trailer, a towing vehicle must be equipped with a tow bar, which is of two types: a fixing loop and a metal hook with a ball at the top (the latter is the most common).

If there is any play between the towball ball and the hitch assembly, it must be eliminated. Before driving, the towbar should be lubricated with graphite grease, which will reduce friction and improve the electrical contact between the tractor and trailer. And a little tip - use a protective cover to protect the towbar ball from external influences.

In addition, a light trailer must be equipped with side lights, turn signals and brake lights. Check that they are working properly before riding.

The next rule is to check the tire pressure - it should be the same. A small tip - to make an empty trailer go smoother and not jump on bumps, it is recommended to reduce the tire pressure. The main thing is to remember to inflate the tires back before loading.

Be sure to check the condition of the shock absorbers. In the event of their malfunction, the trailer will be thrown from side to side on the road.

Also check the direction indicators and brake lights of the trailer before driving. Correctly connect the rear lights of the trailer to the vehicle electrical system. Check the connection of the wires that go to the direction indicators and to the brake light.

Check the characteristics of the trailer before loading it. The load must be evenly distributed over the entire area - above the axle or between two axles - otherwise the load on the coupling device will increase sharply. To fix the load with the help of special belts, then it will not get lost on the way and will reach safe and sound.

And most importantly, you can shorten the time you take to inspect your trailer before a trip if you maintain it correctly:

1) Lubricate the hitch with graphite compound every 10 thousand km of run;

2) Do not leave the trailer in a damp and humid room to avoid corrosion;

3) Do not store bulky and heavy objects in the trailer for a long time - they can deform the trailer platform.

We hope you find our simple tips useful! Good luck on the road!

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