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Working schedule: Monday - Fri.: 9 - 17, Sat. - Sun.: weekend

Electric equipment of trailers

Electric equipment of trailers

Naturally, when choosing a trailer for a car, every buyer wants to buy the most reliable and strong trailer. The most important condition for this is high-quality components and electrical equipment.

All light trailers must be equipped with light signaling devices. The required minimum includes the following devices: taillights, rear direction indicators and brake lights, fog lights and reflectors. In most cases, this is sufficient.

However, there are trailers that transport bulky cargo (for example, water vehicles), their width is greater than that of a car (more than 1.6 m). In such trailers, it is also necessary to install white front marker lights, so that drivers driving in the oncoming lane will know that a trailer with a bulky cargo is following the car.

Also, in trailers longer than six meters, two orange side marker lights must be installed.

Reversing lights are important for driving safety. With their help, it is easy to maneuver in reverse at night. However, not all trailer models are equipped with these lights as standard, so they should be installed additionally.

All trailer couplings are usually equipped with a socket outlet that has 2 spare contacts for connecting the reversing lights. This makes it easy to connect trailer lights, which will simultaneously light up with the lights on the car.

Typically, the wiring of trailers is carried out according to a single-wire scheme: minus ("mass") - on the trailer body, and plus - along the wires).

A small recommendation after buying a trailer for a passenger car - when connecting the TSU socket to the car wiring, solder and carefully insulate all connections. And before each trip, check the operation of the warning lights on the trailer. Good luck on the road!

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