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Working schedule: Monday - Fri.: 9 - 17, Sat. - Sun.: weekend

How to choose a boat trailer?

How to choose a boat trailer?

For many lovers of fishing or water travel, a boat trailer is a must. It is small, lightweight, but very robust. How to choose the right trailer so that your movement on land is as comfortable as on water, let's look at this material.

So, the boat trailer is designed to transport your watercraft together with the motor. Of course, everyone wants to find a universal trailer, but there are none. Therefore, you need to choose the most suitable trailer in terms of dimensions.

The first thing you need to do is check the maximum allowable trailer weight for the car that will serve as a tractor. If this value is exceeded, the body can be deformed.

Also find out the exact weight of the boat and its length. Moreover, to the weight of the boat, add the weight of the engine or fishing equipment that you will transport in it.

The length of the trailer should be 0.5-1m longer than the length of the boat itself. Then it will be convenient for you to make maneuvers, and in case of a sharp turn or reversing, you will not damage the bumper or trunk of the towing vehicle with the bow of the boat.

The trailer wheels must be the same size as your vehicle. That is, if you have a tall SUV, then the trailer must also have high wheels. Firstly, it will be aesthetically pleasing, and secondly, with the same wheel height, the cross-country ability will be increased, and you will not have to carry an extra spare tire with you (in case of a trailer wheel breaking, you can use a car wheel).

Pay attention to the hitch. It should be designed to carry a boat trailer of the weight you need.

Another criterion to pay attention to is the material used in the manufacture of the boat. The frame, drawbar and other metal parts of the trailer must be hot-dip galvanized. Then, when launching the craft into the water, when the trailer is also partially submerged in the water, it will not corrode and will be resistant to rust.

If we are already talking about immersing the trailer in water, then when choosing a boat trailer, you should definitely pay attention to the lighting equipment, it must be removable. Submersion in water is detrimental to the electrician, therefore it is imperative to disconnect and remove the taillights.

In order for the loading and unloading of the boat trailer to be as convenient as possible, you must take into account additional components. For example, keel rollers next to the cradles will reduce bottom friction. Also, the trailer can be equipped with a side ladder, then it will be more convenient for you to climb onto the trailer to fix the floating craft.

It will not be superfluous if you purchase several additional cable ties to fix the boat. The lashing straps must be strong, as are the anchorage loops. Consider this point.

Note that not all of the above items are included in the basic package of the boat trailer. Therefore, be sure to check the equipment with the managers when buying a trailer.

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