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Working schedule: Monday - Fri.: 9 - 17, Sat. - Sun.: weekend

Correct gun carriage

Correct gun carriage

If you prefer boat trips or fishing by boat, then you need a special carriage to transport it to the water. The correct carriage, what is it?

If you choose the carriage to match the characteristics of your boat, you can easily maneuver on the road and not be afraid to damage the tractor and the boat itself. According to the rules of operation, the length of the carriage should be 0.5-1 m longer than the length of the floating craft.

Thanks to the lodgements or the roller system, you will no longer apply physical force when launching the boat into the water.

The correct carriage should have keel rollers and an AL-KO winch system in the design, then you will not have any difficulties when lifting the boat from the water back onto the carriage.

In addition, in the correct carriage, the taillights should be mounted on an easily removable headlamp unit so that they remain dry when entering the water. You no longer have to worry about shorting the wiring.

Additional support rollers should fix the position of the boat on the carriage after lowering the lodgements.

The correct carriage should have the same wheel size as your car, so with the same wheel height, the cross-country ability will be increased, and you will not have to carry an extra spare tire with you.

And most importantly, the carriage should serve you for decades. For this, the frame, drawbar and other metal elements must be hot-dip galvanized. Then, when loaded into the water, the carriage will be protected from corrosion.

We hope that our material will help you make the right choice!

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